Welding Rod & Wire & Rope

Zigong produces different welding materials for hardfacing, including tubular welding rods, welding wires, flexible ropes, and sintered composite rods.

Tubular Welding Rod

Cast tungsten carbide, macrocrystalline tungsten carbide powder, spherical cast tungsten carbide powder, crushed carbide grit and cemented carbide pellets are used as hard phases.

Diameter of 3.2mm~6.0mm

Length: 600mm~900mm

Application: feed grinder hammer, blades of steel body bits

→ Cast Tungsten Carbide Tubular Welding Rod

→ Cemented Carbide Pellet Tubular Welding Rod

FeCrMo Alloyed Wear Resistance Flux Cored Wire

The deposited metal is a high chromium alloy with toughness, crack resistance, peeling resistance, high heat resistance, and high wear resistance after work hardening. The material is easy to polish and cannot be processed.

Application: used to repair and remanufacture crusher rolls, percussion arms, hammers, picks, propellers, fan impellers, screen plates, liners, etc.

→ FeCrMo Alloyed Wear-Resistance Flux-Cored Wire

Composite Rod

The cemented carbide inserts and crushed carbide grits are used to produce composite rods for milling and fishing tools. Cast tungsten carbide powder with Nickel-based are sintered for non-magnetic applications. We can tailor-make different composite rods for your unique requirements.

→ Cemented Carbide Composite Rod

Flexible Rope

The rope is made of cast tungsten carbide powder with nickel-based alloy with excellent weldability and wear resistance.

Diameters of 4.0mm, 6.0mm, and 8.0mm are available


→ Flexible Welding Rope