Cemented Carbide Rolls

The roll production line at ZGCC has adopted the up-to-date paraffine process combining with the digital mixing system and spray and drying technology to ensure the quality of the grade powder for the Cemented Carbide rolls. With the support of the state of the art production equipment, such as 500-ton and 1,000-ton Alpha presses, Sintering-HOP furnaces, HIP furnaces, imported from the U.S.A. and Germany, this line can produce many types of roll blanks with improved microstructures and properties. Due to using Wendt Special Grinding Machines and Groove Grinding Machines from Germany, the dimensional precision of finished rolls is guaranteed. With our proprietary technical know-how in manufacturing Cemented Carbide rolls and adequate quality standards Q/62071126-8J1801-2010 and Q/62071126-8K003-2009, you are ensured top quality products.

We have two types of optimized grade material, ZY and ZY-A, with more than 20 grades available for manufacturing different kinds of carbide rods. The maximum outside diameter of our Cemented Carbide rolls can reach up to 500mm and with a maximum thickness of up to 250mm. We can also tailor-make the carbide rolls per request.