Zigong Cemented Carbide Corp., Ltd

Zigong International Marketing (ZIM) is a subsidiary of Zigong Cemented Carbide Co., LTD (ZCCC).

ZGCC  is now offering an online product catalog through Alibaba.com.

Online Sales

We are on Alibaba.com to provide our clients with an online product catalog. Call your sales representative to receive a quote today!

Founded in 1965, Zigong Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd (ZGCC) is a core member of China Minmetals Group which is one of the world 500 top companies.

ZGCC is the first home-designed and build large-scale tungsten carbide manufacturing enterprise in China.

ZGCC specializes in the research and development, manufacture and sales of various types of powder products (APT/AMT/WO3/W/WC/RTP), tungsten carbide products(inserts/tips/bits/tools/wear parts), hard-facing material and molybdenum & tungsten products (powders/wires/bars/plates).

ZGCC has 3 large production bases with over 56 hectare (2 production bases are located in Zigong city and 1 production base is located in Chengdu city).

ZGCC has 30 experts & over 900 professional technicians & management and more than 2000 skilled operators so far.