Road Milling Bits

Most of the tools used in milling machines, regenerators, and soil stabilizers are made up of five separate components:

1. Carbide Tip

2. Special copper-based flux

3. Cold forging steel body

4. Stamping washer

5. Clamping sleeve

HUZ-05A decompositions

The complete production flow of “Ceratops” milling tools

Raw Material     →

RTP Powder     →

Pressing     →

Vacume Sintering ↓

←   Packaging

←   Surface Treatment

←   Brazing

←   ↓

A carbide tip is made of tungsten carbide and cobalt. Tungsten carbide is the hard phase, and the cobalt is the binder that binds different micro tungsten carbide particles to ensure the tip has excellent wear and anti-rupture resistance under the large impact load.

Different micro sizes of tungsten carbide particles are available to choose during the RTP powder preparation process to ensure the wear resistance of the carbide tips. Fine tungsten carbide powder ca provide better wear resistance; medium and coarse tungsten carbide powder has better performance in elevated temperature and prohibit cracks.

The improper ratio of ingredients, incorrect preparation of RTP powder, and improper sintering process will lead to increased wear in the high-temperature milling process, leading to premature damage.

Zigong has specialized in producing various kinds of cemented carbide for over 50 years. Strict quality control, professional production equipment, and leading production technology can ensure the consistency and accuracy of the preparation of RTP powder, blank pressing, and sintering.

Our professional sales and technical teams work closely with our customer in the North America and South American to meet wear, abrasion, and corrosion requirements.

We help our customers by stocking sufficient inventory to ensure quick deliveries.

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