Ready to Press Powder

ZGCC uses the most advanced doping paraffine production process to produce the Ready To Press (RTP) powder (or Cemented Carbide Grade Powder). RTP powder has excellent flowability to use as the raw material to produce Cemented Carbide parts. Since 1967, ZGCC has started to design and custom manufacture ready to press powder with Cobalt and Nickel as the binder by adding TiC, TaC, and Ti to get the superior performance.

Thanks to the wide range of Tungsten Carbide sizes, we can produce dozens of grades with different grain sizes and formulations. We now have seven series including, YG, YT, YW, ZP, ZM, ZK, ZN, for you to choose from.

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Production process:
spray and dry

Annual capacity:
4,000 tons/year

spheroidal particles gray powder

Size: -200mesh

The RTP powder has excellent spherical morphology, perfect flowability and minimal residual moisture. It is an ideal grade powder to make first-class Cemented Carbide parts, such as solid cutting tools, precision carbide parts, wear parts and downhole tools.