Tungsten Metal Powders

GCC manufactures a wide range of particle sizes with multiple physical properties for different applications. Tungsten Carbide has a high purity (>99.9%), excellent dispersity, and wide adaptability.


uniform gray metallic powder

Particle size: 0.2-60μm
Super Fine (BET>5, 0.6-0.8μm): W: 99.9%, O: 0.6%max
Sub-Fine (0.8-1.0μm): W: 99.9%, O: 0.25%max
Fine (1.0-2.5μm): W: 99.9%, O: 0.20%max
Medium Fine (2.5-8.0μm): W: 99.9%, O: 0.08%max
Coarse (8.0-15.0μm): W: 99.9%, O: 0.06%max
Extra Coarse (15.0-25.0μm): W: 99.9%, O: 0.08%max
Super Coarse (25.0-60.0μm): W: 99.9%, O: 0.15%max


It can be used as a raw material to manufacture Tungsten Carbide powder, High Density Alloy and other crystalline Tungsten powder (shoulder powder), and other Tungsten products.